02 February 2011

Download Guardian Heroes Game Free

Guardian Heroes brings a number of things to the side scrolling fighting genre. The game includes a versus mode wherein up to six unique players can compete with any of the main characters (and unlockable monsters, bosses, and civilians) in a timed battle or to the death. The players earn experience points during each scene and between scenes are able to improve and customize their characters with six attributes: Strength (determines physical damage per hit and distance enemies fly when the player hits them), Vitality (increases HP), Intelligence (governs size and strength of spells), Mentality (determines how many MP the player has and how fast MP are recovered), Agility (increases the speed at which characters can do physical and magical attacks) and Luck (modifies damage the player gives and receives, in addition to improving Nicole's selection of spells). Download Guardian Heroes Game free for PC.
How to Play
Run VisualBoyAdvance.exe
Press Enter couple of time
Select from choices and go
Keys: X, C, S
Download Guardian Heroes Game


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