26 March 2011

Download Game PS1 C-Contra Free

Download Game PS1 C-Contra Free

In the year 1986, quite possibly the greatest game in the world was created: Contra. Silently busting into the Arcades, and becoming a cult classic on the NES within minutes, Contra had enough ass kickin' to make even Ash himself from the Evil Dead trilogy jealous. A year later, Super Contra was put into the arcades and renamed Super C for the NES. The lesser known Arcade version of Super Contra was harder than the original, brought forth new weapons, and then was completely changed for the NES.

One year after Bill and Lance kicked Red Falcon's ass, they are sent into a new jungle to investigate another possible infestation. Dropped in by helicopter into the remains of an enemy base, Bill and Lance within seconds of landing already have more ass to kick than ever before.

Name : C-Contra
Type : Adventure


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