03 March 2011

Download Pool m Up Game

Pool m Up
A brilliant pool game

To be blunt and get straight to the point - this game is excellent. It is a top down pool game (which is something of a rarity in modern times) with a lot of style.
The graphics are excellent, although they don't provide an awful lot of variety (which is really the only complaint I have about the game). But for a free quality pool game, you can't get much better than this. The ball movement, for the most part, is quite realistic and makes for an authentic pool-playing experience from start to finish.
The game can be played with 1 or 2 players and is controlled with the mouse in a simple fashion. The game also seems to contain an odd scoring system - the more balls you knock in the holes consecutively, the more points you score. The more you miss, the more your score lowers. Whether this feature adds anything to the game is debatable, but it sure doesn't ruin any fun you might have playing it.
Highly recommended if you like to play the odd game of pool.

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