03 March 2011

Stick Soldiers 2 Download

Stick Soldiers 2
The sequal to stick soldiers

This game is all about killing. That's it. All you do is kill other stick people. No dungeons, no story, no nothing (other than killing).
The simplicity of this game is what makes it and breaks it. Considering that, for the most part, killing in a game is fun, a game like this should be fun. But it's fun beyond that. The idea of killing someone, getting killed, respawning, and doing it all over again is something that really works for this game. Then again, it's all that this game does.
Although, in general, this game is fun, it's not perfect, and its flaws make the experience worse. The learning curve isn't very good, and new players will have trouble racking up the kills like only the masters can. This is caused by two things: one, the skill of the bots, and two, the controls. The controls are mapped out in a way that makes no sense at all, and although it is possible to get used to them, I certainly never did. As any gamer should know, if the controls to a game aren't second nature, you won't succeed. And in a game as fast as this, having to think for half a second about where that button is will get you killed almost every time you're confronted. Most of the time in a game, having your fingers over the buttons needed helps you learn them, but in this game, you'd need three hands to do that. This fault is just sad.
So, Stick Soldiers 2 is a good game, but the faults are its mortal enemy. Hopefully, Whitespace Unlimited will make the controls easier or, even better, a way to customize your controls. That would make this game the legend it's destined to be.

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