11 July 2011

Download Game PS1 Ape Escape

Download Game PS1 Ape Escape

Story :

Apescape tells the story of a monkey by the name of Specter that comes into ownership of a Peak Point Helmet (Pipo Helmet), which greatly increased his intelligence but also gave him evil intentions. He obtains helmets for the less intelligent monkeys (not identical to his own) to assist him in his plan for world domination by travelling through time, and it's up to a young boy named Spike, with the aid of the Professor - the original inventor of the Peak Point Helmet - and his granddaughter, Natalie, to chase them through time and capture them all. He must also rescue his friend, Jake, who has been brainwashed into being Specter's slave. Spike travels through various places in time (presses red button and levitates), from the Dinosaur Ages to the Age of the Celestial Empire, in order to catch Specter's legion of apes. He also runs into the hypnotised Jake during his adventures, and must defeat him in bonus levels that involve racing to complete an obstacle course. Spike soon comes to the Present Day, where Specter and his monkey army have retreated due to their failed attempts to rewrite history. After defeating him at his factory, where he is trying to create more Peak Point Helmets, and the TV Tower, Specter creates a malevolent theme park, where he challenges Spike to find his imprisoned friends, the Professor and Natalie. Spike finds his old friend, brain-washed, blue-haired Jake, along the way, and defeats him in a final battle, then races to a large castle, which takes off into space. In a final effort, he traverses through the castle and Spike finds Specter, who before the fight, tries to persuade Spike into being his slave, now that Jake has been returned to normal. He shoots a blue ray at him, delivering the boy pain, and tells him that if he doesn't surrender, "the pain that you're feeling will only get worse". However, Spike disobliges, and destroys the barrier surrounding him, making Specter flip out of his chair. Spike then tells Specter that "power alone isn't the true strength", as he tries to regain himself, meaning that it takes more than power to win the fight. Specter, however, is furious with Spike, and then hops into a large robot to destroy him. (The robot would later be known as the Goliath Armor.) Spike destroys the robot, but Specter escapes. The castle floats back down to Earth, where Spike is reunited with his friends. But the battle is not over yet. Specter is found again, hiding in a mysterious dimension called the Peak Point Matrix. After rounding up all the remaining monkeys, Spike travels there and engages Specter in a one-on-one final showdown. Spike finishes the battle by catching the villain in the Time Net and removing the Peak Point Helmet, ending his evil crusade. 

Download Ape Escape


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