05 August 2011

Download Game PS 1 Legend of Mana

One of the games of Square Soft's 2000 ''Summer of Adventure'', Legend of Mana is a significant departure from the usual RPG Square is famous for. Gone is a linear, centralized storyline--instead, the game plays out almost as a series of side-quests, some connected together, others standing alone. This approach has its good points and bad--it's easy to pick up Legend of Mana and play for a half hour or so, which I for one would be reluctant to do with a standard RPG, not knowing where the next save point may be. On the other hand, the independent chunks of storyline fail to resolve themselves into anything significant by the end of the game. 

Download Game PS 1 Legend of Mana 


Download: (mediafire credit to: ForMeJ)


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