08 November 2011

Download Game PC Game - Exit Fate

Exit Fate uses the MS Gothic font, which is not installed by default on all Windows versions. If you do not have it, the font can be downloaded here. There is also a known issue when playing Exit Fate on Windows Vista where no text shows up at all. If this problem occurs, following these steps may fix it:
  • Go to Configuration Screen, then to Regional Settings
  • Go to the Administrative tab and set language for non-unicode programs to Japanese
  • Reboot your PC. At this point, Exit Fate should be unable to find MS Gothic and revert to Courier New.
  • Go back to Regional Settings and set the language for non-unicode programs to its original language.
  • Reboot your PC again. Now, Exit Fate should properly use MS Gothic.

If the above solution does not work, it’s possible to force the game to use a specific font instead. Please read the readme.txt accompanying the game for instructions.


Go here to check the new one..

Click here to download Exit Fate complete walkthrough.


  1. game ini memang seru gan, tapi informasinya kurang detail, kalau bisa ditambah lagi penjelasannya biar lebih detail spesifikasinya, ini bisa buat referensi gan


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