05 January 2012

Download Game PC : Alone In The Dark

The gameplay in Alone In The Dark differs greatly from other games in the series. It is set out through DVD-style 'episodes', where the player can choose to start the game from the beginning, or choose to skip to a section if they get stuck. If they choose to do so, the past events are recollected in a "Previously on Alone In The Dark..." cutscene at the start of the episode. Alone In The Dark has an interchangeable first and third person camera, and puzzle solving style gameplay. The player can switch to first-person view if they choose to. The environment plays a big part of core gameplay, as the player can pick up any object (such as pipes, wood, etc.) and use it as a melee weapon. It can also be used to smash in doors, and knock objects over. Fire is generated in real-time, as objects can be set alight by holding it over the fire, and it can be extinguished. If the fire isn't extinguished fast enough, the flames will continue to regenerate. The player can pick up objects, and combine to make different styles of weapons, however only some objects can be combined with others. Any object which is shot at or thrown will be destroyed instantly. If the player takes damage, open wounds appear on Edward's outfit. Players must use a medical spray, or if the wounds are too deep, use bandages to heal themselves. Similar to Dark Sector, if Edward takes too much damage, the screen will flash red, and a heartbeat sound will be heard indicating that he is bleeding out.
Minimum Requirements:
* Operating System: Windows XP/Vista
* Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or Athlon 64 +2800 (Intel Pentium 4 3.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 +3400 recommended)
* Memory: 1 GB RAM (2GB recommended)
* Hard Disk Space: 8.5GB free
* DVD-ROM Drive: 4X speed or faster
* Video: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or ATI Radeon X1650 XT or better (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX or ATI Radeon X1950 XT or better recommended) with 256 Mo (512 Mo recommended)
* Sound: DirectX version 9.0c-compatible sound card
* DirectX: DirectX version 9.0c (included) or higher

Alone In The Dark 5 pc Download

Alone In The Dark 5 pc Download

Alone In The Dark 5 pc Download

Alone In The Dark 5 Download

Alone In The Dark 5 pc Download

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size 6.7 gb

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size 7.6 gb



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