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25 February 2012

Download Game PS1 (PSX) : Alundra (NTSC-U) (20MB)

The Adventures of Alundra - European box art

Description :
Alundra (アランドラ Arandora), released in Europe as The Adventures of Alundra, is an action-adventure role-playing video game developed by Matrix Software for the Sony PlayStation and was released in 1997. It was published by Sony in Japan, Working Designs in North America, and Psygnosis in Europe. It won great critical acclaim for its bizarre story and smooth game mechanics. The game's protagonist is a boy named Alundra, who learns that he has the power to enter people's dreams. He is shipwrecked near the village of Inoa and proceeds to try to help the locals, who have been suffering from a terrible curse. The narrative becomes gradually darker and more twisted as the game progresses. There is an emphasis on puzzle solving. Read More...

Jika sobat belum punya emulatornya silahkan download disini : Download Emulator

Download Game PS1 (PSX) : Alundra (NTSC-U) (20MB)

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hermanbagus said...

thanks bos,

Anonymous said...

gan gamenya gax bsa,gax ke bca ama emunya

Mank D_D said...

gan bagaimana cara jalanin gamex? pake emux g bs. thanks

Spectrevers said...

content blognya sama ma blogku yg ini follow blogku gan ntar gue follback. mksh :-)

Anonymous said...

Waoooo Bisa Share Dino Crisis 2 Gak

Anonymous said...

sialan pembohong gak bisa di jalanin game nya
pakai emulator apaan sih?

blog jelek

Anonymous said...

padahal akulihat game nya bagus amat
tapi gak bisa maen

Anonymous said...

gan ko gax jalan.. gak kebaca sama emu

Anonymous said...

Gan ko gax bisa jalan emux nya :-L x(

Just ME said...

cara convert file ext .data ke .iso ato .img gimana kk reply yah ke e-mail aku juga boleh .... thx

.hack//eclipse said...

Game'a bad quality :((
kalau mau download game Hight Quality Klik di sini :)]
iso'a bsa dijalankan di PSX saya sudah mencoba 99% game disana bisa dimaenin :D

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