13 January 2011

Prevent Lung Cancer Symptoms with Antioxidants

Do you often cough? Do you often cough incessantly, even bleed? Do you also experience shortness of breath, fever, and weight loss? If your answer is yes, do not be silent. Do not take for granted those things. That could be lung cancer symptoms, a silent killer is still difficult to cure.
Lung cancer is a tumor that grows in the lungs is mainly derived from cells in the lungs. But lung cancer can also be derived from cancers in other parts of the body that spreads to the lungs.
One way that could be used to inhibit or prevent lung cancer is to consume antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that can neutralize free radicals by protecting the body’s cells, especially the lungs. This is only to reduce the risk of cancer.
There are some antioxidants that can be consumed, i.e. Vitamins A, C and E in the form of food supplements. These antioxidants protect the lungs against damage by oxidation and fracture (fr). Its mechanism of action is to stimulate the recovery of tumor cells into normal cells, especially in lung cancer.
There are several types of treatment for lung cancer, namely surgery, chemo and radiation therapy. This type of treatment tailored to the type of cancer, the rate of expansion or spread at the time of diagnosis, and the overall health condition of patients. Operation is the main treatment in the early stages of cancer. Patients who can not undergo surgery can switch to radio therapy.
Healing rate of lung cancer is still very good if patient are still at an early stage. The problem is very rare cancers were detected during this phase. If cancer cells have spread to other areas, the choice of treatment is chemo therapy and radio therapy. If the cancer blocking the main air flows, can be used lasers to freeze the tumor or keep open the flow of air with a stent or tube.
Bad impact of lung cancer symptoms is not same like asthma symptoms. If you get lung cancer symptoms as above, there are good for you immediately check your health. Finally, start your healthy life after reading this health article.


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