13 January 2011

Wake Up early, get your body more be Healthy

Most of us would know, wake up in the morning is good for health. But most of us are still difficult to get out of bed when the sun was about to reveal its light.
“That is a classic story,” says Jorge Cruise, author of 3-Hour Diet On the Go. And for this classic story, Cruise has prepared a simple step that we can begin to do next day.
“Do it slowly,” Cruise is encouraged. Tomorrow morning, try to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier than usual. Then do some simple yoga poses to bend your body. After that, Cruise wants us to do sit-ups. “This can all be done without the need to replace our nightgowns. Two days from now, try it with a slightly different sport like climbing down stairs or around the complex home by bike.
These simple steps do not necessarily make us into category of sports lovers. But at least we make wake up 10-15 minutes early to be a real activity. “If this is successfully done, then please go to the next level of sports.” And next step is to make us five minutes early to greet the day, “Later we can really wake up 30 minutes early!”
When you have done to wake up at 30 minutes early, Cruise’s belief, we will get used even missed morning air and sunshine. This means, we do not need repeatedly pressing a snooze button on alarm clock or our handphone.


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