28 February 2011

Download Game Motocross The Force Free

Motocross The Force
A 3D dirt bike racing game


Motocross the force is a 3D off-road motor bike game. Your basic goal is to complete each level in as little time as possible by going through all the checkpoints and trying not to fall off your bike.
The games graphics as well as the details of the motorbike and the player are really good. There are 5 different tracks for you to complete and more will probably be added at a later stage. The game physics are not perfect, but it is more than acceptable for a freeware game.
Motocross the force is not a finished product, but it is being worked on constantly and improvements will be made to many aspects of the game. Until then, this is still a fun game to play. Unfortunately there is no sound available yet.
You can control your bike with either the keyboard or a joystick and the game can be played full screen or windowed.

Download Game Motocross the force
Password : www.dhitaprianthara.blogspot.com


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