03 March 2011

Download Game Little Fighter 2

Little Fighter 2
It’s hard to explain how great this game is

Here's the meat of the game. Where the game shines with the light of ten suns. When you play LF2, you realize something, the battle system is amazingly responsive and intuitive. Wanna shoot a fire ball? Block, Forward, Attack. Wanna summon your ice sword? Block, Down, Attack. It's easy to input your attack combination, because the system is flexible enough to read your commands no matter how slow or fast you input them, just as long as you do them right. This is a game that's easily picked up, hard to master, and even harder to put down. Even after you beat Stage Mode in the Crazy Difficulty (yea, I want to see you TRY to do that...no seriously, go ahead) you can take the game online. It's simple to connect to a friend, just type in their IP (and make sure firewalls are off) while their waiting, and connect. Just don't try to play somebody who say lives, in say, I dunno Mexico, when you live in the US, because you will most likely experience lag. Its easily to get hooked in trying to improve your skill and learning new combos and techniques, that you may find yourself role-playing the master of LF2 with your friends on MSN. Tired of the same old LF2 attacks and such? Well, there's PLENTY of MODs on the internet that you can use to enhance, or completely change your LF2 experience. Once you play this, there's probably no way out. Dozens of characters to choose from, so little time... in the day time...

Password : www.dhitaprianthara.blogspot.com


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