21 March 2011

Download Game AttacCar


This is an awesome 3D driving shooter game, multiplayer over LAN or single player!

AttacCar is an awesome 3D driving shoot 'em up style game where your task is to blast away your opponent. With great graphics, sound effects and awesome game play this stands in the class of the top freeware games.
You can play AttacCar versus the computer, versus another player via LAN or even take a free ride. There is a choice of three different maps and four different cars.
You are started off on a different area of the map to your opponent. In the corner of the screen there is a map to show you where your opponent is, also a helpful arrow to tell you which direction to travel to find them. You are armed with a machine gun, beam, missile or rocket launcher, when faced with your opponent they are targeted and you must shoot them with your weapon before they shoot you!
This is an awesome game that will keep you entertained for hours and with the LAN play option you'll never get bored!

 Download Gmae AttacCar

Password : www.dhitaprianthara.blogspot.com


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