21 March 2011

Sonic The hedgehog Robo-Blast! Download

Sonic The hedgehog Robo-Blast!
Its not a classic, but it will provide you with entertainment for a few hours.

As a fan of Sonic remakes, I always like to download new ones and give them a try... even if they stink. I downloaded this game expecting the 3 "F"s:
1. Fun
2. Fun
and 3. Fun
This game displayed none of those "F"s. First of all, the graphics were horrible. When I launched this game, I was puzzled by the strange blue blob thing with eyes on the screen. Then I realized it was Sonic. Another thing was the control. Sonic got stuck in walls, the ceiling, on the floor, etc. Plus, sometimes when you move, Sonic turns into a ball and gets stuck. In addition, the ball was too small to be Sonic.
However, there was one thing that really bugged me. The speed. Sonic, the fastest thing alive, runs on his "tippy-toes". Sonic games require Sonic's supersonic speed. But how the hey is he going to run when he's on his toes?!

Download Sonic The hedgehog Robo-Blast!

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