03 March 2011

Syobon Action Game Download

Syobon Action
An easier, more linear interpretation of the I Wanna Be The Guy difficulty scheme

Have you played I Wanna Be The Guy, yet? If not, that's probably good because its so darn difficult. Taking that formula and mixing it softly into a Mario inspired platformer is a neat idea, and it works surprisingly well - and this is a lot easier.
The game begins the same as any gamer would recognize - the opening screen of Mario. The enemies, yep, you jump on their heads and smash that brick with your head. But - what - it suddenly raised into the air so high I can't reach it. This next block... what? An invisible block suddenly appeared stopping me from breaking it.
The rest of the level is infused with other such moments of Why did that kill me? And How am I supposed to get past here now? Well, don't fret, it is possible to beat, but its about making mistakes - then finding the solution. Don't forget (unlike me, who died more than a dozen times before finding out) that space bar is run. Hold it down to jump over things that you normally couldn't.
There are four levels and you'll know when you're properly finished by the end credits appearing. That won't happen by accident, though, it is a very frustratingly fun game which will take the best out of you. Enjoy.

Password : www.dhitaprianthara.blogspot.com


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