06 November 2011

Download Game PS1 (PSX) : Hoshigami : Ruining Blue Earth


  • Fazz: A naive young man. He is a mercenary alongside Leimrey and is the main character of the story.
  • Leimrey: A mercenary who uses a spear. He is a loner, but has been taken by Fazz as an older brother figure. Leimrey sees little reason for his fellow humans to exist.
  • Tinn: Fazz's childhood friend and secret admirer. She was a spoiled child, and now expects to get her way.
  • Elena: A mysterious woman Fazz meets on his journey.
  • Reuperl: The leader of Nightweld's Royal Guards. He hires Fazz and Leimrey to fight Valaim.
  • Alveen: A knight of the Valaimian Empire who fights to restore his family's name.
  • Gomes: A former mercenary who managed to cut out Reuperl's eye. Now he's a merchant who lives with the Tuchi Tribe.
  • Blackthorn: The commander of the Imperial Army that attacked Fazz's hometown. Emperor Fernandez knows nothing about Blackthorn's identity nor his ambitions. Even when he is defeated he is seemingly uninjured.
  • Silphatos: A priest that has his own motives for joining Fazz. He knows a lot more about the history of Mardias than he lets on.
  • Villa: The Priest of Earth serves as the personal adviser of Emperor Fernandez. His name matches one of the ancient Hoshigami.
  • Fernandez: While he appears to be the absolute dictator of Valaim, most of his decisions are influenced by the Priest of Earth.
  • Jacqueline: The leader of a bandit clan that resides in Gerauld. The bandits look up to her as a big sister, much to her chagrin, and she punishes them when they show their weakness to the enemy.

Jika sobat ingin mendownload game ini silahkan download di link di bawah ini :
Part 1
 Part 2
Download: (megaupload [NTSC-U] credit to: Mazyado0on)

Jika Sobat belum punya emulatornya silahkan download di bawah ini :


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