06 November 2011

Download Game PS1 (PSX) : MediEvil 2

Download Game PS1 (PSX) : MediEvil 2

Jika Anda belum punya emulator PS1 klik disini untuk download dan tutorial konfigurasinya.
Characters (Wikipedia)
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque - The protagonist of the game. He was the captain chosen to lead the fight against Zarok, but was killed by an arrow during the first charge. He was later resurrected when Zarok returned to terrorize the land once again. This time Sir Dan was able to defeat his nemesis, restoring his name and proving himself to be a true hero. He is a skeleton with no lower jaw, therefore he humorously mumbles in speech although unlike the first game, the player can understand him. Compared to the first game, his design was slightly modified. His head is a little larger, and he also wears leather gloves. Jason Wilson reprises his role as voice actor.
  • Professor Hamilton Kift - A nervous, fast-talking professor in the laboratory near an unused underground rail station. He's a somewhat short man with mechanical hands and a large head. He is skilled in different forms of science, philosophy, the occult and has a knack for creating inventions. Collecting the Chalice in each level provides him the materials to earn a new weapon. Collecting the Chalice from a level you've already done before earns a load of money. Dan can access new levels as well as levels he's already completed via the Professor's projector in the lab.
  • Kiya - A soft spoken mummy who has been dead inside The Tomb for thousands of years and enunciates every word she says carefully. She is actually blue in skin color and wears bandages. She knows embalming techniques and is grateful to Sir Dan for having rescued her from her eternal prison. Later, their relationship becomes deeper after Dan goes through a huge ordeal to rescue her from Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel.
  • Winston Chapelmount - A cheery young ghost with large eyes. His name is a play on Winston Churchill. His history creates a spectral shadow, upon which he can be called to provide help for Dan. He teaches Dan how to find and use ancient magic. He also provides save points on long levels and on a few occasions relays Dan's earned weapon to him when he is unable to access the Professor's lab.
  • Lord Palethorn - The villain of the game. His motive is to find all the lost pages of Zarok's spellbook so he can gain control of London. He was once an acquaintance of the Professor and was the one responsible for damaging his hands before being banished from the cult. He is voiced by Steven Blum.
  • Mander - Lord Palethorn's associate, he was turned into a lizard during the spell and is notably smarter than Dogman.
  • Dogman- Dogman is Lord Palethorn's muscle man. He was also another victim of Palethorn's spell, turning him into a dog.
  • Jack the Ripper - The notorious murderer who attacks Kiya. To defeat him, Dan must wait until the killer starts draining Kiya's life. He will then go from transparent to opaque, so that is Dan's chance to attack him. Once he defeats the Ripper, he begs for mercy. Dan ignores it and kills him with a single shot from his pistol.
 Download: (megaupload credit to: legallyhomeless)

Password : http://snesorama.us

Download: (megaupload credit to: Dfactor)

Password : http://snesorama.us/board/

Download: (rapidshare [RIP] credit to: lesup)

Password : http://ul.to/cel5sb


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