14 January 2012

Download Game PS1 (PSX) : A2 Racer III - Europa Tour (PAL-E) [8MB]


Description :
A2 Racer is a racing computer game series, from Dutch game company Davilex Games. The series started with the game A2 Racer in 1997, in the Netherlands, in which the player has to race over the Dutch A2 highway. In A2 Racer II and other sequels, the racing expanded to other places in the Netherlands and Europe. The game series was published in Europe under different names, like London Racer and M25 Racer in the UK, Autobahn Raser in Germany, and Paris-Marseille Racing in France. Read More...

Jika sobat belum punya emulatornya silahkan download terlebih dahulu disini : Download Emulator

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Download via Megaupload

Password : #/My-#-Up\#

Jika sobat belum tahu cara download, lihat tutorialnya disini : Tutorial Download


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