18 January 2012

Download Game PS1 (PSX) : Ace Combat 2 (NTSC-U) (20MB)

Ace Combat 2.jpg 

Description :
Ace Combat 2's gameplay is very similar to that of its predecessor Air Combat; its main differences are considerably improved graphics and features on both the aircraft and the environment (aircraft display moving flaps, air-brakes, and afterburner effects).
Players fly and destroy various targets to earn money for their air force, which can be used to unlock new aircraft. As more aircraft are unlocked, the player also rises in rank. A graph also indicates how many times the aircraft have been used. The game's official superfighter is the ADF-01 Falken, which is not unlockable.
Later in the game, the player will have a choice of two branching mission paths (called Alphaville and Belissima). Certain targets in missions can also unlock secret missions. Read More...

 Jika sobat belum punya emulatornya silahkan download terlebih dahulu disini : Download Emulator

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Password : -=/My-Up\=-

Jika sobat belum tahu cara download, lihat tutorialnya disini : Tutorial Download


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