10 March 2012

Get Enough Sleep to Grow Taller

how to grow taller naturally, Learn why sleep is important if you want to increase height naturally. Learn the relation of Sleep and Strething exercises to Human Growth Hormone and why you have to avoid your diet before sleep.Sleep is one of the best natural ways to grow taller. When i was a kid, i remember my mom always say "Go to bed early so you'll grow up fast". I think most of us had experienced that when we were a kid being forced by our parents to sleep early at night or even at the middle of the day in order for us to grow taller fast. How many of us would have followed if we only knew that sleep is the simplest way we can increase our height.

The need for sleep is inherent in all humans. We can't live without it. A lack of sleep can bring on serious consequences and not getting enough sleep on a regular basis means you're depriving your body of a large amount of the human growth hormone it produces. It basically comes down to common sense. Staying up till 5am in the morning could be having a bad effect on how our pituitary gland produces human growth hormone. As stated previouly, we need human growth hormone in order to increase our height and one way to increase that hormone is through sleep. As a rule, eight hour of sleep is sufficient.

Don't eat Foods Before Sleep to increase Human Growth Hormone

To increase the human growth hormone that your body produces during sleep it is important that you avoid eating heavy meals and even snacks before you finally go to bed. Several studies have shown that doing exercises or fasting two hours before finally going to bedtime can help human growth hormone production. The point is to prevent having surge of insulin that can suppress the secretion of growth hormone. It has been found that the largest amount of growth hormone is release during the first 2 hours of sleep and by having a surge of insulin during this time you miss out on that extra resource. To avoid this, just eat your foods 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.

Conditions for Proper Sleep

  • Sleep in a room that is dark and fresh smelling.
  • Sleep in a quite room. Too much noise can make it difficult to sleep well.
  • To really get the taste of a good night sleep, your sheets and night wear shouldbe nice and clean. Your room should be clean because it is unhealthy to inhale dust.
  • Taking a bath before sleeping also helps to have a good night sleep.
  • Make sure that you have good ventilation as well, open the doors and windows. You can also turn on your fan to keep air moving.
  • Stretching exercises can help you fall asleep. But, don't exercise just before going to bedtime or it may keep you awake.
  • Wear an eye mask to block out light.
  • Practice total relaxation through breathing exercises.

if you really want to grow taller keep in mind that every bit of effort helps. The foods that you eat, your stretching exercises routines and getting uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep every night.


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