13 November 2012



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Description :
As you pilot the experimental tank-like war machine known as the Wraith, you look back over the events that brought you to this mission. The Rebels' uprising against the Imperium regime showed great promise, and they were able to capture strategic intergalactic locations. The stolen Imperium technology that led to the Wraith was a huge success for the Rebels. Now on the brink of defeat, the Emperor Caston has unleashed a new, terrible weapon of mass destruction capable of annihilating entire planets. In UPRISING X, it is your mission to prevent this horrific weapon from further use. You have ability to customize not only the weaponry on the Wraith, but also your infantry and military vehicles for maximum strategic advantage. Wage war against the CPU across more than 20 alien battlefields in Single-Player mode, or battle your friends in one of five different Two-Player modes ranging from Infantry Crush to Deathmatch. See if you can lead the Rebels to victory in UPRISING X. Found on IGN

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