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14 September 2013

Download Game PS1/PSX : One Piece Grand Battle 2

Grand Battle! 2 is the second game in the Grand Battle series. The sequel to the game Grand Battle!, Grand Battle! 2 was playable on the PlayStation console. The game was developed and released by Bandai on March 20, 2002.

Like every grand battle game the character versus another character, the character that you choose each have different strategies and power to make the battle balance and fun. the winner of the battle then versus another character in the game. Then at the end, your character will verse a default boss which are set to complete the storyline. The gameplay is a 2.5D fighter similar to The super smash bros series. 

Grand Battle! 2
Grand Battle! 2
Japanese Title: グランドバトル! 2
Romanized Title: Gurando Batoru! 2
English Title: N/A
Developer(s): Namco Bandai
Publisher(s): Namco Bandai
Release(s): March 20, 2002
Platform(s): PlayStation
Genre: Action

Grand Battle 2 in game

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bagas said...

wah masih ada juga ya gan game untuk PS 1.. hehe

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