02 February 2011

Download Dragon Ball Game Free

The Dragon Ball Z Budokai games are a series of fighting games based on the Dragon Ball media franchise. The life of the Budokai series is similar to most 3D fighting games. Two characters fight in a three-dimensional environment until the health meter of one character is depleted, and the opposing player wins.
The player is able to initiate a variety of special moves in order to defeat his or her opponent. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, released as Dragon Ball Z 3 in Japan, is a video game based on the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z and was developed by Dimps and published by Atari for the PlayStation 2. Download Dragon Ball Game free for PC.
How to play
Run techmynd.exe
Press Ctrl+Enter for Full Screen
Esc key to exit
Keys: I , O , P , K , L , ; , ' , Enter , Arrow Keys
Default keys are weird. You can modify keys and controls from options.

Download Dragon Ball Game Free (Size: 86.8 MB)
Password : techmynd.com


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