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04 December 2011

Download Game PS1 (PSX) : Monster Hunter G

The Monster Hunter (モンスターハンター Monsutā Hantā) franchise is a series of fantasy action role-playing video games that started with the game Monster Hunter for PlayStation 2. The series is developed and published by Capcom. As the title suggests, the player takes the role of a hunter in a fantasy environment and completes quests by seeking out monsters to hunt or capture. The series has branched out into PlayStation Portable games and a massively multiplayer online game. In Japan, the Monster Hunter series is immensely popular, and it has gained a cult following in the United States, with the port Monster Hunter Freedom (known in Japan as Monster Hunter Portable) and its sequels, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 / Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite / Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd selling millions of copies, and Monster Hunter Tri becoming the highest-selling third-party Wii game in Japan. Since the series debuted, it has sold 18 million units as of June 2011. There is also an anime based on the spin-off game Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village and a book called Monster Hunter EPISODE (モンスターハンター EPISODE~). Read More...

Jika sobat belum punya emulatornya silahkan download terlebih dahulu disini : Download Emulator

Download: ([NTSC-J] credit to: lob)
Cara Download :
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  • Setelah itu akan muncul iklan dari
  • Klik Skip ad di pojok kanan atas seperti di gambar di bawah
  •  Silahkan download filenya

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med said...

mas bro..itu klo download game psx harus download semua partnya yah?

Dhita Prianthara said...

iya sob.. pilih salah satu server download diatas trus download smua filenya,,,

med said...

yah..udh d delet.. =((

Anonymous said...

ni game ps1 apa ps2 sih, aku bingung . .?
klo pke emulator itu kan buat ps1 . ?

Dhita Prianthara said...

ps 1 sob..
ps2 jg make emulator kok..

Recky Ajjh said...

Bray cara dwonload nya gimana tuh banyak banget ane bingung nih

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