14 September 2013

Download Game PS1/PSX : One Piece Grand Battle 2

Grand Battle! 2 is the second game in the Grand Battle series. The sequel to the game Grand Battle!, Grand Battle! 2 was playable on the PlayStation console. The game was developed and released by Bandai on March 20, 2002.

Like every grand battle game the character versus another character, the character that you choose each have different strategies and power to make the battle balance and fun. the winner of the battle then versus another character in the game. Then at the end, your character will verse a default boss which are set to complete the storyline. The gameplay is a 2.5D fighter similar to The super smash bros series. 

Grand Battle! 2
Grand Battle! 2
Japanese Title: グランドバトル! 2
Romanized Title: Gurando Batoru! 2
English Title: N/A
Developer(s): Namco Bandai
Publisher(s): Namco Bandai
Release(s): March 20, 2002
Platform(s): PlayStation
Genre: Action

Grand Battle 2 in game

11 September 2013

Download Game PS1/PSX : One Piece

The One Piece video games series was published by Bandai and Banpresto, later as part of Namco Bandai Games, and is based on Eiichiro Oda's shonen manga and anime series of the same name. The games take place in the fictional world of One Piece, and the stories revolve around the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates, the franchise's protagonists. The games have been released on a variety of video game and handheld consoles. The series features various genres, mostly role-playing games—the predominant type in the series' early years—and fighting games, such as the titles of the Grand Battle! sub-series.
The series debuted in Japan on July 19, 2000 with One Piece: Mezase Kaizoku Ou!. As of the release of One Piece: Romance Dawn - Bouken no Yoake in August 2013, the series contains 35 games, not counting Battle Stadium D.O.N, the title One Piece shares with its related anime series Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.
While the Japanese market is "flooded with anime-themed games", few are made available in other countries. The same is true for the One Piece series; more than five years passed after its debut before one of its titles, One Piece: Grand Battle!, was released outside of Japan on September 7, 2005. Out of thirty-one games (not including non-japanese games), four have been released in North America, one in Australia and seven in Europe. Japan's large demand for such games leads its companies to produce the titles with haste and thus low regard for quality. The opposite is the case with the One Piece video game, which has been produced for and exclusively released to the North American markets, and was crowned "GBA Platformer of the Year" in 2005 by GameSpy's network of game websites. The One Piece series received a mixed reception; assessments ranged from "slightly below or slightly above average" to "a grand video-game series".

Secreenshot :

09 September 2013

Download Game PS1/PSX : Romance of Three Kingdom

Review :
The games are based on events that took place in China during the 2nd and 3rd centuries, when the land was divided between the Shu Han, Cao Wei and Eastern Wu kingdoms. The games draw ideas mainly from the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the historical text Records of the Three Kingdoms.
Gameplay revolves around managing numerical statistics, each representing an attribute of a city or character. For example, a city will have statistics indicating the amount of food stored within its walls, its vulnerability to disasters such as floods and earthquakes, how content the people are with its ruler or governing officer, etc. Characters have statistics to reflect their fighting prowess, intelligence and loyalty towards their respective lords, among other attributes. Players can spend time increasing these numbers before waging war on neighbouring territories, since the artificial intelligence of other lords tends to be peaceful unless the player attacks them first, or unless they have reached a point in the story where war is inevitable.
The seventh, eighth and tenth installments are compounded with RPG aspects, allowing the player to play as a lord, an adviser, a governor, a general or a vassal of another lord, whereas the player controls an entire force in the other editions. In addition, certain characters possess (or can learn) special skills to aid them in war, diplomacy or governance. For example, a general or adviser with high intelligence statistics can lure an enemy unit into a trap or cause the unit to retreat.
There are also several spin-offs based on the series, including Dynasty Warriors, a tactical action video game series, as well as Dynasty Tactics, a hybrid of Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Koei has also published three biographical tactical RPGs based on three characters in the series. They are Sangokushi Eiketsuden (Liu Bei), Sangokushi Koumeiden (Zhuge Liang), and Sangokushi Sousouden (Cao Cao).

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14 August 2013

Download Game PS1/PSX : Arc The Lad

Arc the Lad [U] Front Cover

A compilation of the once-ignored RPG series (which was passed up by an early, RPG-unfriendly SCEA), featuring all three chapters in the Arc the Lad Saga as well as a Working Designs' treasure-pack of extras.
In ancient times, people understood the delicate balance that existed between the physical world and the five Guardians, (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Light), who watched over humanity. In time, the Romalians, bent on global conquest, began to shatter the balance that existed between the two worlds. Only by using the power of the Ancient Ark to stem the dark tide will humanity have any hope of life.
The only one that possesses the power to use the Ark is a young lad named, oddly enough, Arc. Arc has been consumed with learning the fate of his missing and beloved father. Now, Arc shall embark on a quest to discover what really happened that fateful night ten years ago. Along the way, he'll meet many new friends who shall become powerful allies. But does this slight lad really have the strength to find the power stones, rally the Guardians, and wield the power of the Ark? Only time will tell.



12 July 2013

Download Game PS1/PSX : Arc The Lad 2

The second game in the Arc series introduces Elc, a bounty hunter with a tragic past. He must join forces with Arc to stop the minions of the Dark One, whose presence was only hinted at in the first game. A vast array of impressive Strategy/RPG innovations are introduced in this chapter, like the job system, weapon melding, and multiple-viewpoint storylines.

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15 June 2013

Download Game PS1/PSX : Battle Arena Toshinden 4

STORYEiji Shinjo, the new Head of the "Himitsu Kessha", has organized a fourth Toshindaibukai which revolves around the gathering of four holy weapons that can be used to save the world or to destroy it. However, Eiji's old enemy from the third Toshindaibukai ten years ago, Vermillion, is also after the four weapons.

ABOUTAlso known as Toshinden Subaru, Toshinden 4 is the last installment in the franchise to his the PS1. Unlike previous installments, it only saw release in Japan and the PAL region. It features teams of 3 characters, but like the previous games, only 1 character fights at a time. The only returning characters are Eiji and Vermillion, the rest of the roster is completely new. The graphics lacked polish overall with uninspiring stage designs and blocky character models.
A spiky-haired hero? Nooo freakin way.
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21 May 2013

Download Game PS1/PSX : Beyond the Beyond

BTB front.jpg 

Gameplay in Beyond the Beyond is, for the most part, standard for a role-playing video game. However, the turn-based battle system does contain one feature that was not standard in role-playing games at the time. Dubbed the "Active Playing System", this feature allows the player to increase the chances of either landing an improved attack on an enemy or defending from an enemy attack by pressing the X button at the correct time during battle. It is similar to the timing-based attacks in the later role-playing game Final Fantasy VIII (1999).
Beyond the Beyond has a total gameplay time averaging between 20 and 25 hours. It has been argued that the gameplay time is extended due mostly to long and complex dungeons, frequent random encounters, and the steep difficulty of bosses.


  • Finn - the 14-year-old main character, in training to become a knight after his mother's death. Revealed by prophecy to be the savior of the world from the "Vicious Ones", a group of four mysterious and evil magicians from the Underworld.
  • Steiner - a baby dragon that Finn keeps and has the potential to assist in battle.
  • Annie - a 13-year-old friend of Finn's and daughter of Galahad, she fills the healing role during the game as a Cleric. It is implied that she has a crush on Finn.
  • Percy - a 20-year-old knight at Marion Castle. Returns home to Isla village, critically wounded from a fight from Bandore troops, but is saved by Annie. He is Galahad's son and Annie's older brother.
  • Samson - revered for his bravery, the 32-year-old soldier is cursed and loses much of his strength shortly after appearing. Has the lowest LP in the game, and is the slowest of all characters, but also has the highest strength. He has no magic.
  • Edward - a 13-year-old magician and the prince of Marion. Has the highest MP of all the magic users specializes in mostly elemental (Fire, Ice, thunder, etc.) spells. He is pretty slow at first but after being upgraded he becomes the fastest in speed. Has the lowest defense of anyone in the game.
  • Domino - a 28-year-old pirate collecting treasure throughout the world who joins the party in order to pay his debt to Finn, who saved his life. He also seeks revenge against the "Vicious Ones". His weapon(s) of choice are throwing knives. Has the highest Luck in the game.
  • Tont - another young magician who hails from the ancient village of Simone. He was accidentally transformed into an anthropomorphic blob by a potion. He is a caster of offensive spells like Edward; but unlike him, Tont's magic revolves around summoning creatures.
  • Lorele - a monk and the Princess of the kingdom of Barbaros.
  • Galahad - the semi-retired 50-year-old former leader of Marion's knights. Finn's guardian and father of Percy and Annie.
  • Kevins - at age 39, he is leader of the Marion Knights and as such was forced to entrust his son Finn to Galahad's care, he supposedly sacrificed himself by staying in Hell to prevent Akkadias's forces from invading the surface, but was rescued and brought back to the surface world by Finn.
  • Shutat - a mysterious man serving directly under the emperor of Bandore, he was taken over by an evil being named Akkadias.
  • Ramue - a cold-hearted witch reporting directly to Shutat, she has strong magical abilities. She places a curse on Samson in Marion to render him weak, in order to make the heroes appear as frauds to Zalagoon's king.
  • Dagoot - another of Shutat's three generals, he is a master archer.
  • Yeon - a strange goblin-like being, he is the last of Shutat's generals and has magic rivaling that of Ramue. He is a minion of Akkadias sent to monitor Shutat.
  • Zeon - the village chief of Simone as well as the strongest magician in the world.
  • Glade - adviser to the king of Zalagoon, he planned to betray Zalagoon with the Bandore forces by using Samson's curse against the party, but once his scheme is exposed, he went insane with fear and turned himself into a monster with Shutat's pill.
  • Akkadias - an evil being that fills the "Devil" role and is the ringleader behind the "Vicious Ones" and is the final boss of the game.

 Jika belum punya emulator, sobat bisa download disini : Download Emulator

29 April 2013


Shrek The Thrid
Shrek The Thrid: The Video game is a action adventure game for PC.There area unit vi characters you'll play as, all five of the movies' main characters, Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Artie, aristocrat Fiona, and one in every of the supporting characters, Sleeping Beauty. Puss in Boots is that the solely character which will double jump. Gingy, King Harold, and Pinocchio area unit voiced by their film actors. The Penguins of Madagascar build a special look within the ship level in one in every of the corner crates. you discover Kowalski and Skipper says, "We're planning to the wide open areas of continent, to the wild.", similar to within the 1st "Madagascar". There area unit twenty levels in Shrek the Third. the amount area unit extremely linear, however with facet methods containing goodies for the completion of the assorted mission-style quests. every level has three or five quests in them. when finishing grade, the player is awarded bonus so much so much Pounds, the game's currency used for buying things within the store. the issue setting multiplies the bonuses obtained. 

System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Intel Dual Core 2,1 Ghz
  1.3 GB Free HD Space
128 bit 128 MB Vram


Size: 229 MB

Dragon Ball AF  Budokai Tenkaichi 2013

Dragon Ball AF is a themed game battle between the great characters that exist in the animated "Dragon Ball". aini animation is animation grossing and most watched by everyone in the world. in this game you will fight in mode 1 vs. 1, or co-op mode. advantages in this game lies in the stunning graphics, in addition to the characters that appear here mostly to change up to super saiyan 10. like goku who has long hair with a dark aura coupled with the muscle-bibs are great. it also happen to bezita, trunks with golden hair. which has a hair more dangerous form of transformation. it's time you tried the game is Dragon Ball AF!!!

System Requirements:
Windows XP/7/8
Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz or Better
512 MB RAM 
 450 MB free Space 
64 bit 256 MB Vram




Pass: gratisdownloadgame.blogspot.com


Download Game Plants Vs Zombies 2

Game Plants Vs Zombies adalah sebuah game komputer/pc ringan yang diproduksi oleh PopCap Inc. Dalam game plants vs Zombies ini tugas pemain adalah melindungi rumah kita agar zombie tidak dapat masuk ke rumah kita karena jika zombie berhasil masuk kerumah maka game akan berakhir alias Game Over. Dan sebagai defense untuk menghalangi zombie, kita menggunakan tanaman untuk bertarung dengan zombie, untuk menumbuhkan tanaman kita memerlukan bantuan cahaya matahari yang dapat kita peroleh saat kita menanamam sunflower(bunga) atau sun-shroom(jamur) dan ada juga cahaya matahari yang turun dari langit(tapi jangan ngandalkan yang turun dari langit).
Screenshot :



Bagi Sobat yang ingin memainkan game Plants vs Zobies ini silahkan download Link di bawah ini :

08 March 2013

Download Windows Live Essentials 2011 & 2012 Offline Installer

If you love your Windows PC and like Microsoft branded applications you can never miss on the Windows Live Essential suite of applications. To introduce it generously, Windows Live Essentials is Windows’ counterpart of Apple iLife suite of applications.

Windows Live Essentials consists of the most popular Microsoft branded applications : Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Messenger, Windows Live Writer, Windows Sync and Family Safety. Not being such an avid Microsoft enthusiast myself, I do not make much use of all these applications frequently. But Windows Live Write is an amazing product which can never be missed by any regular blogger.
To install the complete suite for Windows Live Essentials, users usually have to download this online web installer [around 1 MB in size] which in-turn downloads the installer files for all these applications [around 130-220 MB in size]. Since these applications do not get updates so frequently [once a year maybe], it does make sense to download a standalone full offline installer for the complete suite, which you can later use to install on multiple PCs. Once you download the offline installer, you can always select to install only those applications which you need and leave off the rest.

Direct Download Links for Full Offline Standalone Installer for Windows Live Essentials/Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Essentials 2011 Offline Installer [English]

Windows Live Essentials 2012 Offline Installer [English]

My two-cents : Windows Live Essential 2012 installer is pretty buggy and erratic, unless you have all the latest updates installed on your Windows PC. So, it’s a better idea to go ahead and download 2011 installer, which installs smoothly and without any issues.


29 January 2013

Game PC : Download Game Kungfu Panda Full Version

Spesifikasi Yang Mendukung Untuk Bermain Kungfu Panda :

  • OS : Windows Vista/XP
  • CPU: E6600 Core 2 Duo
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • HDD : 8 Gb free
  • Graphics : Nvidia 8800GTS.
  • Sound Card : DirectX 9 Compatible
  • DirectX : Version 9.0c
Screenshot Kungfu Panda :

 Download Game Kungfu Panda Full Version